Becoming A Man for Wrong Reasons

     The social construction of a "real man" is evident in different cultures, ethnicities, and civilizations, wherein being masculine is attributed to violence. Undoubtedly, violence, which entails deviant behaviours, is a part of the ever-changing social dynamics. Men, then, are always deemed to be the main actors in any scene of violence. Jackson Katz, in … Continue reading Becoming A Man for Wrong Reasons

Duterteism: Reviving the Morals and Spirit of the Filipinos

(This essay describes Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s leadership. It discusses Duterte's public management in the context of moral entrepreneurship, social deviance, and deviance dance in politics.)      One of the primary charms of influential or powerful people is their capability to influence a group of people or the general public for the common good … Continue reading Duterteism: Reviving the Morals and Spirit of the Filipinos

University/Higher Education Enforces Social Inequality

     Studying in a university, in the mind of a student with low socio-economic status (SES), is a crucial stride toward upward mobility in the social ladder. It is an opportunity to explore the world of the higher social echelon through tertiary education. A university degree can level and equate the opportunities, as common people … Continue reading University/Higher Education Enforces Social Inequality

The Triad of Powers of Hegemonic America

     Military serves as the parapet of the country’s sovereignty and it protects states against foreign aggression. Military resources – troops and artilleries – ensure the security and political stability of a nation, whereas economy sustains it. At the world stage, military supremacy serves as the backbone of global political power and influence. It is … Continue reading The Triad of Powers of Hegemonic America

The American Hegemony’s Impact on Global Peace and Security

     The primacy of leading an international coalition is termed as hegemony and it is characterized by key leadership in global organizations, economic power, diplomatic influence, military supremacy, and cultural prominence. After the Second World War in 1945, the United States (US) led other nations to establish social order. Thus, founding the United Nations Organization … Continue reading The American Hegemony’s Impact on Global Peace and Security

A Seed of Compassion

The story of the Good Samaritan and the life of St. Teresa of Calcutta, known as Mother Teresa and the Living Saint during her time in this world, inspire me about giving, love and compassion. Today, in all aspects of human existence, it would be good to reflect on her words: “Love cannot remain by … Continue reading A Seed of Compassion