3 thoughts on “Mature-age Students: Their Motivations and Challenges in Pursuing Higher Education

  1. The topic is very thoroughly researched. I am an adult student and my motivation is several of the reasons described in the essay. The main one is frustration with my job and the desire to change the field of employment. It was undoubtedly a drawn step into the unknown and instability, to combine work and study is more difficult, there is not enough time for anything else sometimes. My family supports me but that is not the case for every adult student.
    It seems to me that as an adult the decisions you make are more stable and your emotional state is better controlled. That is why only people who are confident in its necessity for their lives go to get an education, and more adults go all the way to the end if they start it, despite all the difficulties that arise.
    And more about the details: https://www.lib.sfu.ca/about/branches-depts/slc/learning/mature-students Comprehensive guides, covering strengths and challenges faced by mature students, including parenting and anxiety as well as tips for balancing schoolwork and parenting. As well as scholarships and grants available to adult students. It is worth considering that such informational and material support are also motivating factors.

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