What is Greg’s InsighTalk?

Hello everyone! I am Greg Jabal, and welcome to Greg’s InsighTalk. This unique program will give you an insightful discussion about the happenings around us. Join me in all the arguments about social facts, which will give us a better understanding of social problems that usually give us stressful lives.

Before anything else, let us know what Greg’s InsighTalk is.

ABOUT. Greg’s InsighTalk, or simply The InsighTalk, is a virtual lecture series about social facts which examines common or familiar social issues using a sociological lens. Insightalk is a word made up of two English words: insight and talk combined. I made up this word exclusively for the program. I define insightalk as a reasonable and sensible conversation or discussion on social issues that ordinary people can understand better. Therefore, it is a way of exposing and analyzing social facts or realities from a sociological perspective or point of view.

We also have a slogan for our program.

The CATCHPHRASE. “Understanding Pieces of Social Facts” is the tagline or catchphrase of our talk show. It is a bit of scholarly wisdom that encapsulates every theme of each discussion. Social issues are far-reaching or broad; thus, discussing a specific topic is less complicated. In addition, “Thoughts and Insights” serves as the verbatim site of the program. Visit www.gregjabal.com for more scholarly articles.

Moving forward, let us see the program creator’s motivating factors, which will also serve as the program’s guiding principles. So, let us look at the Vision-Mission-Goal of Greg’s InsighTalk.

Let us begin with our vision.

Our VISION. The InsighTalk program envisions social awareness or mindfulness of the viewers and the general public regarding occurrences and persistence of social problems. Thus, learners can act accordingly and rationally in a particular situation. It means exhibiting their behaviour publicly in an acceptable manner as they socialize and interact with others.

Here, we will do our best to understand why social problems persist; for example, crimes, illnesses, climate change or global warming and poverty, among other ills of our society. But wait! Did I say it right? Illnesses? Yes! Uh, well, I know what you are thinking. We commonly talk about sickness in the medical field; however, have you considered its sociological side? Uhmm, interesting, right? We can make a video on this topic, exploring the impact of our social environment on people’s illnesses.

Going back to our V-M-G, let us see InsighTalk’s mission.

Our MISSION. Greg’s InsighTalk is to educate the public about social realities, understand the dynamics of social institutions, and be reflexive to the challenges of our contemporary time. In the long term, the program will highlight lived experiences of people behind such social realities.

This mission requires viewers or proactive audience participation through sharing virtual discussions with various audiences and exchanging their views on each topic.

Now, let me share to you our goal.

Our GOAL. The InsighTalk aims to present a biweekly or at least weekly discussion of day-to-day issues grounded on sociological perspectives, by which viewers could discern that, at one point, they make the realities of their lives.

There is a saying: we live a life of our choosing, depending on how we relate or interact with social institutions and socialize with others. Therefore, the vision-mission-goal will be our gear toward realizing Greg’s InsighTalk program. Also, it is my way of sharing my knowledge by advocating education for all through this lecture series.

Somehow, this program will make a difference in our life goals if we give ourselves a chance to consider or think about it. So, our vision-mission-goal sounds very challenging and indeed ambitious.

Thank you so much for sharing your time to watch this InsighTalk opening video. I invite you to search the internet for my name Greg Jabal or Greg’s InsighTalk for my following lecture. You may like, subscribe and share my videos as an act of support for our vision-mission-goal.

See you next time for an exciting discussion of social facts that challenge us or get along in our lives. Again, this is Greg’s InsighTalk: Your way, our way of understanding pieces of social realities.


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