A Vote for Better or for Worse

In every egalitarian government, election is a practice of democracy. It is a part and parcel of the law of the land, its constitution. This is a peaceful process to select leaders in the local and national posts in the government units who would represent the best interests of the masses. Too, election is a basic way of expressing and practicing our rights and liberty, an applied or functional freedom.

Every citizen of legal age has the duty or obligation to participate and to vote during scheduled poll. On the other hand, it is the responsibility and commitment of the government to ensure the process unbiased, to serve its purpose and preserved its integrity. By this manner, the outcome would be dependable, consistent and acceptable to the people.

From the manual to automated way of casting and counting votes, there is no great difference. The only difference is to hasten the process of casting and counting the votes. For me, it does not matter how long or how fast would it takes as long as the integrity of the people tasked in the process remain intact and incorruptible.

In the course of the electoral technology, the very purpose is to have a speedy but reliable counting of votes. However, for those egoistic politicians, it is an easier way of deceitful winning. These unscrupulous politicians, invest a significant amount of money during elections than allotting sufficient budget for the welfare of the masses or for the grassroots poverty alleviation agendas. This is an intolerable and furious truth about elections.

Hence, voters must exercise the free will to decide and to choose based on the truthful information fed on them by diverse forms of media. Through these, voters have informed decision to have the right choice of aspirants based on their character, integrity, sincerity and competence in public service.

Let us be reminded that those contenders who bribe in any means do not deserve seats in the government, they have selfish motives and they would never lead through the will of the people when they succeeded. They are like wolves under sheep’s skin during campaign period. Most of them, the politicians, claimed that these and those standard or sub-standard projects materialized because of them, instead of honestly saying that they efficiently or corruptly managed the finances of the government. Voluble detractors and credit-grabbers do publicity, as they have lots of funds to do so, while good leaders work hard with vision and lead with compassion.

Be a wise voter! The greatness of our country lies on how we choose the right leaders who are mindful of our future. Our failure to do so, impedes such grandeur designed for our nation. If we are led by incompetent and untrustworthy politicians who sustain the country’s poverty, blame not anyone but ourselves because we repeatedly voting the unprincipled and crooked people to lead.

Certainly, our country is wealthy but its people remain poor. This is so because the people allow corrupt and incompetent individuals to lead the government. To cull out from the given accounts, the simple problem in the government is not the imprudent politicians but the foolish voters who incessantly voting for them.

Voting is a right and a freedom of choice, a secret value of our democracy that we need to get involve conscientiously. Our ballots count neither for better nor for worst.

52 thoughts on “A Vote for Better or for Worse

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