A Tale of Womanhood

     The documentary discusses the essentialist view of gender and its power, which poses the distinction and disparity between men and women. Essentialism elucidates the facets of human behaviour and identity as part of its essentiality (Jackson and Rahman, 2010, p. 16-17). The film "Period. End of Sentence" reflectively exposes this disparity in human behaviour … Continue reading A Tale of Womanhood

Becoming A Man for Wrong Reasons

     The social construction of a "real man" is evident in different cultures, ethnicities, and civilizations, wherein being masculine is attributed to violence. Undoubtedly, violence, which entails deviant behaviours, is a part of the ever-changing social dynamics. Men, then, are always deemed to be the main actors in any scene of violence. Jackson Katz, in … Continue reading Becoming A Man for Wrong Reasons