Rational Education: A Stride Toward Equality of the Sexes

     The age of Enlightenment, also known simply as Enlightenment, was centred on the power of reason as the primary source of knowledge, intellect, and progressive ideas of liberty and progress in the society. In line with this principle, Mary Wollstonecraft challenged the enlightenment thinkers in understanding its real essence.      In light of the … Continue reading Rational Education: A Stride Toward Equality of the Sexes

A Deviance That Makes A Difference

     Societies evolve and develop, and their progression processes underwent gradual to swift social changes over time, by which Karl Marx sees them in the context of conflicts. Inequality and injustices in society are the foundations of societal conflicts, driving forces of social deviance.  Stephanie Ehret (23 September 2020) takes on the dictionary meaning of … Continue reading A Deviance That Makes A Difference

The Education’s Finest

In my childhood and teenage years until these days, parents strongly advise their children to study, to finish a degree and get a diploma. Elder folks believed that through education, young generations would have a better life and would get rid of poverty. To a marginalized family, such faith is a great motivation that keeps … Continue reading The Education’s Finest