University/Higher Education Enforces Social Inequality

     Studying in a university, in the mind of a student with low socio-economic status (SES), is a crucial stride toward upward mobility in the social ladder. It is an opportunity to explore the world of the higher social echelon through tertiary education. A university degree can level and equate the opportunities, as common people … Continue reading University/Higher Education Enforces Social Inequality

Prescriptivism: A Tool for Labeling People

     In communication practices either verbal or written, anyone had been a critic of someone else’s use of grammar. In “The Language Mavens,” Steven Pinker notices that grammatical rules serve as a “shibboleth” to become a member of a particular group. He discusses that prescriptivist rules of grammar and their usage are used to marginalize … Continue reading Prescriptivism: A Tool for Labeling People

A Seed of Compassion

The story of the Good Samaritan and the life of St. Teresa of Calcutta, known as Mother Teresa and the Living Saint during her time in this world, inspire me about giving, love and compassion. Today, in all aspects of human existence, it would be good to reflect on her words: “Love cannot remain by … Continue reading A Seed of Compassion

The Two Sides of the Buck

When you are living and working abroad, for most Filipinos, you are affluent. A common mindset which do not consider the underlying factors to validate such assertion. In spite of countless documentaries regarding migrants’ plight and glory, news, social media posts and the likes, it is an unalterable viewpoint of our compatriots that overseas migrants … Continue reading The Two Sides of the Buck

SWSD2014 Conference Paper (Melbourne Convention Centre, Australia)

CLICK the hyperlink below to view and read the conference paper. SWSD2014 Conference Paper (Melbourne Convention Centre, Australia) CLICK download for the power point presentation of the conference paper (swsd.ppt-australia)Download During the paper presentation with Emely D. Dicolen, PhD. CLICK download for the conference paper in (PDF file) portable document format (swsd2014-conference-paper)Download

Harnessing Altruism Towards Social Development: The Filipino-Australian Women Experience

Jabal, Gregorio Jr. Commission on Filipinos Overseas, Manila, Philippines ABSTRACT Today’s phenomenon of marriage migration is one of the issues among women, particularly in the developing nations. The Filipino women are among them who struggled for empowerment to transpire their inseparable role in the social development processes. The journey to life of the Filipino-Australian women … Continue reading Harnessing Altruism Towards Social Development: The Filipino-Australian Women Experience